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Understand the Cloud, Networks, and Networking
Learn at your pace, when your schedule permits, with an instructor who knows how to teach
Helping others learn and expand their opportunities is gratifying... almost as much so as learning for yourself. These four online courses, which are self-paced and begin new sessions each month, help people understand how the Internet and the Cloud works.

Over 25,000 students have taken these courses, from thousands of different institutions across the world. They've been extremely successful, well received, and continue to get great reviews. They're accessible, using everyday analogies and a scaffolded approach to teaching and learning.

Here's a little more about each course:

Introduction to Networking - learn computer networking basics in terms that you can easily understand, using concepts common to everyday, non-computing experience. A brief introduction to networking history provides context, explaining how networks have become so important to businesses and individuals. The course emphasizes networking fundamentals, explaining the software and hardware that makes networking possible.

The course stresses understanding how and why networks work, rather than focusing on memorization of terms or numbers.

Understanding the Cloud - wish you knew more about it the cloud? You’re not alone. The cloud can be big, nebulous and confusing... but it doesn’t have to be. In this course you learn what the cloud is, how it works, and how to get the most from it. You find out what the buzz words mean - like PaaS, SaaS, IaaS, virtualization, apps, Twitter, social networks, and all that - and understand how they work, and why the cloud is so compelling for businesses and people.

You don’t have to be technical to take this course, but by the end of this course, you will be thoroughly cloud savvy.
Intermediate Networking - learn real-world applications for the concepts you learned in Introduction to Networking. Continue to build your knowledge of networks and networking, with detailed treatments of TCP/IP, how switches and routers operate, DNS, and more. You'll gain a full understanding of almost every aspect of networking technology, including hot topics such as virtual private networks, security, Internet connectivity, and cloud computing.

Wireless Networking - to many people, those wireless connections are nothing short of technical wizardry. This course will remove the mystery and give you a thorough understanding of this fascinating and lucrative technology. You'll learn how wireless works, how wireless devices connect to networks, and how to build and connect to your own wireless network. We'll also explore wireless standards, wireless security, satellite Internet and cellular phone technology, as well as the future of wireless.
"David is an excellent instructor. The examples and analogies in the lessons helped me to learn and retain the information."
"Great use of analogies to help explain concepts!"
"Excellent course, excellent instructor. Highly exceeded my expectations."